Create an APNG from an image

If you want to create your own animated banners for Steam, but are not so good at After Effects etc., you should try this software. With the software you can easily animate covers.

The program was published by IridiumIO on Github.
  1. Click on the Preview pane to select an image to apply an effect to. Images should ideally be 300x450 or 600x900 in size; other sizes will be scaled up or down automatically on render.
  2. Use the sliders to transform the effect to your liking.
  3. Choose output quality and size (See Output options below), select a filename and hit save.
    • Note: It could take up to 7 minutes to render if you choose a detailed animation at high quality.

>Downlaod the Software


Good: 1.9MB

High: 825KB

Best: 3.88MB

Software made by u/TheImminentFate / IridiumIO published on Github.

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