Create an APNG from an Video

From a Video

Creating an animated cover from a video is a bit more complicated than creating one from an image. But this is also possible free of charge.

The first thing you need for this is the program Hitfilm express 17.

>Download Hitfilm express 17 for free

Then you need a video that can be gameplay or a trailer. You should download it and convert it to mp4.

Then you have to create a new project with the resolution 300 x 450. Click on “Apply” to confirm the entry.

The video files and image files can simply be dragged into the lower left window. The logo must be in the upper video track in the lower video track must be the video that should run in the background.

With this tool you can cut the video.

With a click on the lower video strip you get to the export settings. There you have to create a new preset with the same resolution. With a click on Start the video is encoded. With this tool you can now create an APNG from the video:

Here you can see what others have created: